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Iconic British and Irish tweed

Quality tweed is as much part of the heritage of the British Isles as malt whisky and strong tea. This season we celebrate that heritage with three iconic tweed jackets from Scotland, Ireland and England.

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  • Donegal tweed classic fit jacket
  • Harris Tweed Jacket
  • Olive Saxony tweed classic fit hacking jacket
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1. Donegal tweed

Irish tweed, also known as Donegal tweed, has 'neps' or flecks that are added during the weaving process, which is said to be inspired by the rock-speckled landscape of Ireland. The company that produces our Irish tweed manages the entire production process from the collecting of the raw wool to the finishing of the fabric. Our current collection features jackets made of 100% Irish tweed and each one has impeccable detailing including working button cuffs, real leather buttons, satin linings and elbow patches.

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Donegal Tweed

2. Harris Tweed

Genuine Harris Tweed is woven exclusively by the islanders of Scotland’s remote Outer Hebrides, and is so exclusive it's protected by its own Act of Parliament! The Harris Tweed Act of 1993 states that it must be "hand-woven by the islanders Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra in their homes, using pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides." Harris Tweed is famous throughout the world for being a particularly warm, high quality cloth and a number of our coats and jackets are made of 100% genuine Harris Tweed this season.

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Harris Tweed

3. Saxony tweed

English tweed, also known as Saxony tweed, is unique because it uses two-ply yarn; two yarns that are twisted together to make up the fabric and give it a textured look and feel. This also means the tweed is particularly dense, durable and rain resistant. For this reason it is traditionally associated with English country pursuits such as shooting and hunting, activities where only the toughest and most robust clothing will do. Made of pure lambswool, the fabric feels softer than other traditional tweeds, although it is still durable and hard-wearing.

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Saxony tweed

4. Yorkshire tweed

This type of tweed is warm with a heavy weight that's ideally suited to winter wear. The mill that produces our Yorkshire tweed was founded in 1837, the year Queen Victoria was crowned, and is still owned by the same family that bought it in 1920. The highly skilled workforce carry out the whole manufacturing process from the dying of the wool to the finishing of the fabric.

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Yorshire tweed

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