About our shirts

Shirts, like people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Charles Tyrwhitt also offers a range of collar and cuff styles, as well as three formal shirt fits in any number of fabric weaves. Here is our guide to them all.

It's all about the fit

classic fit shirts

Classic fit

Our classic fit is generously cut across the shoulders, chest, waist and hips, with long tails that stay tucked in.

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slim fit shirts

Slim fit

This is our standard, regular fit and suits most shapes and sizes. It is more trim at the waist for a neat shape.

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extra slim fit shirts

Extra slim fit

Our sleekest cut fits more closely to the body with extra back darts for a more modern look. This makes for a very smart shirt and a smooth tailored silhouette.

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Choosing the right fabric weave can depend on your style and how warm you require the shirt to be. We use nothing but pure cotton in our men’s shirts because it’s dressier than coarser fabrics, the colour is more defined and it feels the most comfortable against the skin. We offer shirts in various different weaves.

Poplin weave shirts


The original Jermyn Street fabric, poplin is formal, crisp and clean. It is a light weave that allows for maximum breathability and softness. We have recently improved our poplin fabric to ensure our shirts remain substantial yet comfortably lightweight and breathable. All our shirts have a poplin weave unless otherwise stated. If choosing a shirt fabric is all a bit of a minefield, I suggest that poplin is your safest bet.

Pinpoint weave shirts


I tend to wear a pinpoint shirt in cooler weather. It is a denser weave with a subtle basketweave effect that produces a heavier and warmer fabric than poplin. It is also incredibly soft to the touch and is favoured for its durability.

End-on-end weave shirts


This weave has the same simple construction as poplin but with a lighter colour woven through to create a subtle two tone or ‘chambray’ effect.

textured weave shirts


Textured weaves like herringbone and twill are a little heavier in weight than poplin and are particularly popular in cooler months. Those gents who despise ironing should take note; this fabric is very easy to iron.

sateen weave shirts


Satin weaves are interspersed with plain weaves to form a stripe pattern. These lightweight shirts are luxuriously silky to touch.

Imperial oxford weave shirts

Imperial Oxford

The luxurious raised texture of the Imperial Oxford weave gives a distinct 'basketweave' effect. The fine weave ensures a soft and silky finish whilst feeling warm and comfortable.


It’s amazing how much a difference your collar style can make to your overall appearance. We offer four collar styles – choose one to primarily suit your face shape, and the occasion.


The classic collar is a fail-safe collar style for formal occasions and is particularly flattering for larger faces. It works well with a four in hand tie knot.

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Also known as a spread collar, this traditional English collar has slightly wider collar points and suits narrower, longer faces. It suits the half - and full Windsor tie knots very well indeed.

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business casual shirts


The collar of our business-casual shirts sit somewhere between our classic and Modern Luxury collars and is perfect for smart-casual dress codes. It looks great with or without a tie.

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A casual collar designed to be worn with or without a tie. This is our most relaxed collar style for more casual occasions and is characterised by a button fastening to stop those pesky flyaway collars.

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Look at one of our shirts closely and you’ll notice every stitch, weave and seam is flawless because we use only highly skilled craftsman – and the finest materials - to make them.


We turn our noses up at any nasty man-made fibres and use only the finest, purest cotton that is made up of extra long fibres, also known as long staple cotton. The cotton threads are made of two strands rather than one to ensure the shirt is strong and durable, hence the term ’two-fold cotton’.

Collars and cuffs

All our shirts have crisp collars which will frame your face well. We’ll even send you a free pair of collar stiffeners with every formal shirt so they will stay that way. Shirt cuffs – which should end four and a half inches from the end of your thumb – are pristine so they’ll look smart under your jacket sleeve. We offer a choice of single (button) cuffs, or double (cufflink) cuffs with many of our shirts.


We use twin-needle stitching to hold our shirts together because it is tough and ensures the stitches will move with the fabric. Voilà a more comfortable shirt that will last for years. What’s more, our shirt buttons are lock-stitched so they won’t fall off.

Other details

Our shirts feature details you would normally find in bespoke shirts. For example, you’ll find our classic shirts have extra long tails at the back which won’t become easily untucked from your trousers. Our shirts also feature a split yoke, when the back panel below the collar is ‘split’ with a seam. This ensures the shirt will hang better and move more easily and comfortably.