Dogtooth pattern

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What is dogtooth pattern?

Dogtooth, or houndstooth, is a timeless fabric design that never truly goes out of fashion. For me, it injects a distinguished sense of flair to a gent’s work attire, whether it’s worn in men’s shirts, suits, ties or a simple handkerchief.

Here are some interesting facts about the dogtooth pattern, as well as hints on how to wear it.

Where dogtooth comes from and how to wear it

  • The Name

    The dogtooth, or houndstooth, pattern is so called because the jagged checks that make up the design resemble individual canine teeth. ‘Puppytooth’ refers to the design in a smaller scale.

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  • The origination

    The oldest examples of the dogtooth pattern can be seen in architecture, where a canine, or dogtooth, pattern is found in buildings that date back to the 12th century and is thought to have been introduced by the Crusaders from the East. The pattern depicts four petals forming a square or diamond shape, where the petals have a canine shape.

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  • The development

    Later in the 12th and 13th centuries, a more intricate, decorative dogtooth pattern that resembles a detailed flower can be seen in a church at Murano near Venice, Elgin Cathedral and Stone church in Kent, England.

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  • How can I wear it?

    The new dogtooth shirt in the Tyrwhitt range is a particularly dapper way to wear the trend. These shirts are made from 100% cotton and are available in classic, slim and extra slim fit. If a dogtooth shirt is too much for you, add hints of the pattern in your accessories. Don a dogtooth tie, handkerchief or cufflink as an easy and smart way to embrace the look.

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  • How should I wear dogtooth?

    However you choose to wear dogtooth, best stay away from wearing other prints at the same time. Instead, team it with a striped or spotted tie in solid colours because they will complement, rather than clash with, it.

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